Syllabus, Training and Forum

Syllabus, Training and Forum

This page offers pedagogical resources, such as syllabi, exams and exercises designed by professors and trainers from different parts of the world and across different disciplines.  It also includes a Forum of Discussion for those involved or interested in teaching global freedom of expression, to exchange experiences on what to teach and how to teach it, and the difficulties and opportunities involved with adopting a global perspective.

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Teaching Technics and Tools

Author: Association for Progressive Communications
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These materials are part of the Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK). Here you will find links to a) Module Handout; b) Module Trainers' notes; c) Module Questions and case studies; d) Module Power Point Slides. "The MMTK provides an integrated set of multimedia training materials and resources to support community media, community multimedia centres, telecentres, and other initiatives using information and communications technologies (ICTs) to empower communities and support development work. [...] This module explores the relationship between human rights, as understood in the Inter-American Human Rights System, and ICTs such as the internet. As well as this handout, it includes a set of presentation slides, exercises and case studies, and a list of additional readings. It raises the following general questions which should be considered by participants: 1. How has the internet changed people’s lives? What rights have been affected positively or negatively due to access to the internet? 2. Should online and offline human rights be understood differently? 3. What should the role of the state be regarding the exercise of human rights online? 4. What are the implications of the global nature of the internet for national human rights laws and international human rights instruments?" 

Association for Progressive Communications, Inter-American Human Rights System instruments and their application to the digital environment, May 2016.